Portable analyzers of power quality

NANOVIP® CUBE™ is a modern, powerful, S-Class portable network analyzer developed for professional analysis of consumption and power quality of the most complex electrical networks.

It can be used on single-phase, two-phase, three-phase (balanced and unbalanced) networks, low and medium voltage.

The advanced features and analysis software supplied makes it a suitable tool to the most demanding professional needs.

Measurement precision,
powerfull analisys

  • Can work on networks: single-phase, two-phase, three-phase balanced with or without neutral, three-phase unbalanced with or without neutral
  • Full traditional energy analysis (V, I, P, Q, S, F, PF, THD%, instantaneous values / minimum / maximum / average, energy meters absorbed and generated both three-phase for each phase).
  • Analysis of power quality parameters
  • The current and voltage harmonics for each phase and for the neutral up to 50°
  • Imbalance of power phases
  • Network outages, surges, sags
  • Conformance testing to EN 50160
  • Real measurement of the neutral current
  • Display of the waveforms of currents and voltages
  • 4 tariff bands setting with the related costs display
  • Configuration and display of alarms on sizes 20 and settable
  • Display of the time course of selectable parameters (trend)
  • Automatic check of the correct connection of the implant tool
  • Realization of long-term measurement campaigns (over 24 independently, unlimited if connected to the network)
  • Multilanguage
  • Customizable display, choosing which values display in rotation in the lower part and rotating it 90 ° in relation to the comfort of reading

Fields of use

The NanoVIP3 is a handy tool, compact and light aimed at both those who want to work on their equipment than with industry professionals who need detailed and accurate analysis of power quality; NANOVIP allows in an easy and intuitive way:

  • to control the loads, consumption and the associated network costs
  • check in service the correct dimensioning of plants
  • to prevent the risk for overheating and insulation failures due to high harmonic content
  • risolvere correct the power factor correction problems
  • Identify and eliminate load peaks and exceed power in order also to reduce the bargaining power commitment
  • check and evaluate the returns of UPS, AC / DC measurements
  • Measure signals for non-symmetric PWM control of inverter
  • Identify the presence of harmonics, outages, overloads or potentially harmful voltage dips for machinery and equipment
  • Intercept fluctuations and rapid changes in current and voltage signals
  • Measure the inrush currents of motors and electrical machinery

Brochure NanoVIP® CUBE™ 500 kb 1319 downloads

Two channels Power Quality analyzer for monophase, threephase balanced and unbalanced...
Standard IEC61000-4-30 Class S
Dimensions 203x116x53mm
Safety 600V CAT III
Protection degree IP30
Weight 580g.
Display type LCD dot matrix with backlight
Languages English- Spanish – Italian – German – French
Communication USB to PC
Onboard memory 64kB
External memory Micro SD (4GB supplied)
Working temperature range from -10 to +55 °C
Umidity Max 95%
External power supply Wall-plug switching, input 100-240VAC ±10% 47-63Hz, changeable plug; output 7,5VDC – 12W
Battery 4 x AA MiMh 2100mAh
Autonomy >24h
Single phase/Double phase networks yes
Three phase 4 wires, balanced networks yes
Three phase 3 wires, balanced networks yes
Three phase 4 wires, unbalanced networks yes
Three phase 3 wires, unbalanced networks yes
Power analisys V, I, P, Q, S, F, PF, THD(V)%, THD(I)%, cosj, j, peaks, min, max, mid, max. demand, ecc.
Counters kWh, kVArh, kVAh (used and generated)
Waves shape V e I
Harmonics Values and spectrum up to 50°
Sags Dips, swells and net interruption
Transitory Overcurrent and overtension
Test EN 50160 yes
Starting currents yes
Measurements in DC yes
K factor Up to 25°
Alarms Video
Alarms logs 5 on video
Hourly tarifs up to 4
Consumption costs yes
Measurement campaign Unlimited, up to SD completition
Display data refres 1 sec.
Voltage (TRMS) 4 input channels (3 + common neutral + 1 auxiliary)
Current (TRMS) 5 input channels
Power Active, reactive and apparent. Single phase and total
Energy counters kWh, kvarh, kVAh
Harmonics analisys Up to 50°
EN50160 analisys from 500mS up
Transitional analisys Overcurrent, overvoltage and starting currents
CE conformity 93/68/CEE (B.T. electrical materials);
89/336/CEE e 2004/108/CE (EMC)
2006/95/CE – 72/23/CEE (LVD – Low voltages);
2002/95/CE (RoHS – Dangerous materials restrictions);
2002/96/CE e 2003/108/CE (WEEE/RAEE – Wasted electrical and electronics materials).
Safety EN 61010-1
EMC EN 61326
EN 61326/A1
EN 61326/A2
EN 61326/A3
Temperature IEC 60068-2-1 (working)
IEC 60068-2-2 (storage)
Vibrations IEC 60068-2-6
Umidity IEC 60068-2-30 (umidity)
Overload IEC 60947-1
PART Quantity Standard/Option
NanoVIP CUBE 1 Standard
Battery pack 1 Standard
Voltage cables 4 Standard
Crocodiles 4 Standard
mSD 4Gb 1 Standard
mSD adaptor 1 Standard
External power supply + adapters 1 Standard
Bag 1 Standard
Carton box 1 Standard
Calibration certificate 1 Standard
AC Current probes 3 or more Option – According to package
DC Current clamp 1 or more Option – According to package
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