Energy Counter/Analyzer 96×96

STAR396 is a low cost 96×96 panel analyzer dedicated to measuring the main electrical measurements of a low and medium voltage system.

The measurement capacity of the absorbed and generated values as well as the main harmonic distortion values makes STAR396 a complete instrument in a very competitive price range.

RS485 communication completes the range of services made available to the user


Brochure panel mounted energy meter STAR396™ 465 kb 182 downloads

Brochure panel mounted energy meter STAR396™ ...

Simple and economical:

  • Small dimensions deep in the panel; less than 60mm
  • Unbalance
  • Sfasamento
  • Communication 485
  • Powers and energies absorbed and generated
  • Accuracy according to IEC 62053-21
  • Self-extinguishing plastic construction;


STAR396 is a compact 96×96 panel instrument to measure and distribute in the network a wide range of electrical parameters; is particularly referred to as analyzer / counter in measuring networks but, thanks to its own display, can also be used in stand-alone installations:

  • Applies single-phase and three-phase unbalanced systems delta or star
  • All measurements are sent over the network via RS485
  • Used in the monitoring of consumption in large plants
    • Produzione
    • Data center
    • Thermal and electrical plants
    • Solar and eolic fields
Dimensions 96x96x58mm
Power supply 80-300V AC/DC,  50-60 Hz  8VA
Consumption 4VA
Display LED
Weight 275g
Electrical connections Terminali rimovibili con viti di ritegno
Comunication RS485
Protection Strumento IP51; pannello frontale IP54
Electrostatic discharge IEC 61000-4-2g
Immunity to Electromagnetic RF Fields IEC 61000-4-3g
Conducted Immunity IEC 61000-4-6g
Immunity to Magnetic Fields IEC 61000-4-8g
Immunity to voltage dips and interruptions IEC 61000-4-11g
Fast transient IEC 61000-4-4g
Immunity to surge waves IEC 61000-4-5g
Impulse voltage; conducted and radiated emissions CISPR-22
Construction IEC/EN 61010-1 ed.3, CAT III, 300 V LN / 600 V LL , protective class II.
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