Solar Measurement



Remote solar device

Portable MRH™ remote solar analyzer

NANOVIP® DS™ is a remote measuring device for solar panels and solar strings to be connected to an heterogeneous (or not) MRH™ measurement network; it measure all the critical parameter of a single or multiple set of solar panels and send them to a NANOVIP® QUADRA™ master device that will assemble all network parameters.

NANOVIP® DS™ is fully driven by a NANOVIP® QUADRA™ master analyzer and an MRH™ network can include up to 5 NANOVIP® DS™ devices wireless connected.

When DS is linked to an MRH network, all data are available on its display as well as they can be red in realtime from the NANOVIP® QUADRA™ Master device.

Extreme easy to use and setup because it just require to be assigned with a role in the network, then the NANOVIP® QUADRA™ master analyzer will set network parameters accordingly.

Spread solar measures

  • Self setting wireless network connection
  • Max indoor point to point distance: 60m
  • Max outdoor point to point distance: 600m
  • Temperatures, irradiations and DC data for each panel or string of panel
  • Possible to differentiate test result per each group of panels
  • Can measure heterogeneous energies and power: solar, elevtrical loads, generators, storage systsems, multiple grid connections, eolic, UPS, inverters etc
  • Realtime data available set by set on QUADRA master device
  • Multilanguage
  • Customizable display, choosing which values display in rotation in the lower part and rotating it 90 ° in relation to the comfort of reading

Fields of use

NANOVIP® DS™ is an high-performance device aimed to measure and test solar sets within an MRH measuring network.

Thanks to its flexible MRH™ technology it can:

  • measure and store local ambient and panels temperatures
  • measure and store local solar irradiation
  • measure and store local wind speed (anemometer is option)
  • measure DC generated voltage, current, energy and power
  • calculate local efficiency parameter of the single panels or string of panels
  • send realtime data to NANOVIP® QUADRA™ master device
  • performe single set CEI 8225 test
Standard IEC61000-4-30 Class S
Dimensions 203x116x53mm
Safety 600V CAT III
Protection degree IP30
Weight 580g.
Display type LCD dot matrix with backlight
Communication USB to PC, wireless to/from devices
Onboard memory 64kB
External memory Micro SD (4GB supplied)
MRH master operating mode no
MRH client operating mode yes
Standalone no
Single point monitoring yes
AC measurements no
DC measurements yes
Solar measurements yes
Solar panel and strings test CEI 8225 yes
Multilines solar system test CEI 8225 yes
Solar realtime measurements yes
Solarmeter interface yes
Temperatures interface yes
Wind speed interface yes
General transducers interface no
Harmonics no
Transients no
Inrush no
Wave form no
Counters yes
Alarms no
Active, Reactive and Apparent P, E no
Tariffs no
EN50160 test no
QUADRA Studio software included
Indoor wireless point to point distance 60m
Outdoor wireless point to point distance 600m
Working temperature range from -10 to +55 °C
Umidity Max 95%
External power supply Wall-plug switching, input 100-240VAC ±10% 47-63Hz, changeable plug; output 7,5VDC – 12W
Battery 4 x AA MiMh 2100mAh
Autonomy >24h
Languages English- Spanish – Italian – German – French
MRH technology yes
Standalone mode no
Single phase/Double phase networks no
Three phase 4 wires, balanced networks no
Three phase 3 wires, balanced networks no
Three phase 4 wires, unbalanced networks no
Three phase 3 wires, unbalanced networks no
Solar measurements yes
Power analisys V, I, P
Counters kWh,
Waves shape V e I
Harmonics no
Sags no
Transitory no
Test EN 50160 no
Starting currents no
Measurements in DC yes
K factor Up to 25°
Alarms no
Alarms logs no
Hourly tarifs no
Consumption costs no
Measurement campaign Unlimited, up to SD completition
Display data refres 1 sec.
Voltage (TRMS) 1 input channel
Current (TRMS) 1 input channels
Power Active. Single phase and total
Energy counters kWh
Harmonics analisys no
EN50160 analisys no
EN61724 analisys no
Test CEI 82-25 yes: on network
Transitional analisys no
CE conformity 93/68/CEE (B.T. electrical materials);
89/336/CEE e 2004/108/CE (EMC)
2006/95/CE – 72/23/CEE (LVD – Low voltages);
2002/95/CE (RoHS – Dangerous materials restrictions);
2002/96/CE e 2003/108/CE (WEEE/RAEE – Wasted electrical and electronics materials).
Safety EN 61010-1
EMC EN 61326
EN 61326/A1
EN 61326/A2
EN 61326/A3
Temperature IEC 60068-2-1 (working)
IEC 60068-2-2 (storage)
Vibrations IEC 60068-2-6
Umidity IEC 60068-2-30 (umidity)
Overload IEC 60947-1
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