Four product lines for energy saving

For a company it is important to measure and monitor the quality of their electrical installation and, when necessary, intervene to reduce waste and inefficiencies.

Measuring and monitoring of networks

Elcontrol Energy Net analyzers combine ease of use with breadth and accuracy of measured parameters. Designed to have a high reliability, they offer great value for money.
Portable ones, in particular, prove irreplaceable instruments to perform in a practical and reliable measurement campaigns on-site such as, for example, before installation of a framework of power factor correction.
The remote monitoring softwares meet the needs of most complex systems without any constraint of geographical location.

Power Factor Correction

In a context in which energy efficiency is a central theme, Elcontrol PFC panels enable companies to bring down the consumption of reactive energy and related costs in the bill charged by the distributor.
The Elcontrol power factor correction is a solution for companies that want to tune their systems.
In addition to comply with current regulations and be robust and reliable, PFC panle include regulator PFR96, fully designed and manufactured by Elcontrol, so they can be easily adapted to the specific needs of the customer.

Tools and accessories

Elcontrol Energy Net Srl produces a wide range of tools and components for the electromechanical industry and educational area.
All the Elcontrol components and instruments, starting from PTS4 pliers, are characterized by robustness and quality as result of a “100% Made in Italy” chain and a careful choice of materials.

Softwares and Networks

The Elcontrol software offer a wide range of solutions for energy monitoring, non only in electrical area.
Starting from standalone  solutions running on local PC, up to cloud solutions for easily monitoring wide geographically distributed networks.

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