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Assembly jigs for PC boards

The original 100% Made in Italy

The series of detachable PCSS PC board assembly jigs have been designed to simplify and streamline printed circuit electronic component assembly. PCSS have been created, designed by Elcontrol Energy Net Srl; even if several times copied, the materials and assembly quality of Elcontrol ones is still today a distinguishing characteristics. Avoid copies and choose the original.

The main parts of PCSS of these series are simply slotter together and can easily be disassembled into the followinf units:

  • Frame
  • PC holder
  • Component
  • Press lid

They are lined with antistatic conducting foam rubber especially suitable for uses with electronic component sensitive to electrostatic loads.

Stantard typesare supplied with two sliding rils, making them suitable for use with a variety of PC board sizes, and one central rail which can be manually pressed in place. This makes it possible to assemble two parallel rows of printed circuits.

On request, all types of PC boards assembly jigs may be supplied with extra sliding rails up to a maximum of 4 (PCSA 1 and 2) and 6 (PCSA 4). This makes it possible to assemble several parallel rows of small PC boards.

Model PCSA-1 PCSA-2 PCSa-4
Usage dimensions mm 280 x 220 510 x 220 510 x 350
Cover Yes Yes Yes
Antistatic rubber foam Yes Yes Yes
Color Red Red Red
Maximum sliding bars numbers 4 4 6
Maximum number of bars (including central) 5 5 7
Model PCSA-1 PCSA-2 PCSA-4
2 sliders – no central PCSS1 PCSS2 PCSS4
2 sliders – 1 central PCSS1 PCSS2 PCSS4
4 sliders – 1 central PCSS1 PCSS2 PCSS4
6 sliders – 1 central PCSS4
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