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Energy Studio Cloud

Cloud monitoring software

Energy Studio Cloud is a monitoring application based on a modern and powerful cloud platform. Energy Studio Cloud is characterized by extreme flexibility and scalability that allow it to very easily adapt to any environment.

ESC has a standard environment designed to satisfy the majority of the most common need for energy measurement, combining utilization efficiency with commissioning rapidity in service and cost economy. However, thanks to the technological platform on which it is based, you can develop it to become a real control room.

Thanks to its mobile platform, Energy Studio Cloud can represent a complete monitoring environment for any application field.

Standard package

The standard configuration is mainly designed for the monitoring and calculation of energy consumptions and costs, measurable with a network of Elcontrol analyzers.

For those who are already user of Elcontrol analyzers in 485 network, the transition to ESC will be particularly simple and fast: it will be enough to disconnect the 485 network (or 485 networks) and reconnect it to the new cloud polling device provided; polling hardware comes already configured. The monitoring network will be available online shortly after.

The main features of Energy Cloud Studio, in the standard configuration:

  • Designed for Elcontrol monitoring networks
  • Available with a satellite map or floor plan of measured environments (DWG or DWF or PDF)
  • Up to 20 analyzers for plant, extensible (even at a later time) with more than 20 analyzers packages
  • No local server needed
  • Polling Hardware sent already configured for quick commissioning
  • Data storage in case of line loss storage
  • Control of energy
  • Accounting for cost
  • Alarm management
  • Exporting data

Customizable and extesible

Energy Studio Cloud può essere progressivamente esteso e personalizzato, pur partendo dal suo pacchetto base, fino a diventare una vera a propria control room.

Le principali possibilità di personalizzazione e sviluppo di ESC possono riassumersi nelle seguenti:

  • Integration analyzers for drivers not from Elcontrol
  • Satellite Map and multilevel plan to manage the level of information with the zoom
  • Possibility of implementing a dedicated cloud server for the client
  • Unlimited plants
  • Integration of not only electrical parameters: water, gas, temperatures, solar radiations etc.
  • Available package hw / sw for managing lighting
  • Ability to operate the system remotely
  • Ability to develop custom parameters, graphs and personalized reports
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