Portable 3G Power Quality analyzer

NanoVIP® CUBE 247™ adds to the powerful NanoVIP® CUBE™ features set, the 3G connettivity that allows it to share measured data through several connection options.

For NanoVIP CUBE owners: it is possible to upgrade your NanoVIP CUBE to NanoVIP CUBE 247: contact

Measurement precision with 3G connectivity

  • Can work on networks: single-phase, two-phase, three-phase balanced with or without neutral, three-phase unbalanced with or without neutral
  • It includes all the NanoVIP® CUBE™ features.
  • It includes Elcontrol cloud connectivity
  • It can send SMS infos about device status, measure alarms and events
  • Available WiFi mode: Access point, Remote polling, Cloud monitoring </ li>
  • One Shot UPS™ function to easily measure UPS™ systems efficiency
  • Continuous sampling Oscillo function
  • Network outages, surges, sags
  • Conformance testing to EN 50160
  • Real measurement of the neutral current
  • Display of the waveforms of currents and voltages
  • 4 tariff bands setting with the related costs display
  • Configuration and display of alarms on sizes 20 and settable
  • Display of the time course of selectable parameters (trend)
  • Automatic check of the correct connection of the implant tool
  • Realization of long-term measurement campaigns (over 24 independently, unlimited if connected to the network)
  • Multilanguage


NanoVIP® CUBE 247™ is a powerful and versatile Power Quality Analyzer that thanks to the implementation of 3G technology allows the user to consult the measured data through the connection option that best fits with the environmental conditions found on the measuring site .

Thanks to 3G connectivity, NanoVIP® CUBE 247 ™ can help user to monitor measures from remote and to be informed about main device and measure status.

NanoVIP® CUBE 247™ offers the following 3G connection modes:

  • SMS: the analyzer can send to user SMS messages about main status of device, measures alarms as well as events.
  • PUSH: NanoVIP® CUBE 247™ connects to the cloud server of Elcontrol; this mode is particularly useful if you want to remotely monitor the progress of a measurement started many miles away and do not have access from the outside to the local network.

The use of 3G connectivity does not preclude any of the measurement capabilities of the NanoVIP® CUBE 247™, in particular, it is possible to start a campaign with storage on microSD and at the same time send data to the cloud for a remote monitoring of the progress.

Fields of use

NanoVIP® CUBE 247™ is a compact and light analyzer, suitable for all those who have to perform analysis of their electrical systems (from the simplest to the most demanding) as well as for Power Quality professionals who need detailed parameters of the Quality of the energy or are compared with complex and non-complex plants.

NanoVIP® CUBE 247™ allows simple and intuitive:

  • Quickly verify the functional characteristics of a UPS system thanks to the One-Shot-UPS ™ function
  • Measure transitions with continuous sampling Oscillo function
  • Keep loads, consumption and related network costs under control
  • Check the correct sizing of the systems in service
  • Preventing risks due to overheating and insulation deficiencies due to high harmonic contents
  • Correct rephasing problems correctly
  • Identify and eliminate load and power outlets in order also to reduce the contractual electric commitment
  • Verify and evaluate the returns of uninterruptible power supplies, with ac / dc measurements
  • Measure even non-symmetrical signals for pwm controls on the inverter
  • Identify the presence of harmonics, interruptions, overloads or voltage holes potentially harmful to machinery and plants
  • Intercepting fluctuations and rapid changes in current and voltage signals
  • Measure the inrush currents of electric motors and machines
Dimensions 203x116x53mm
Safety 600V CAT III
Protection degree IP30
Weight 580g.
Display type LCD dot matrix with backlight
Communication USB to PC, wireless to/from master device
Onboard memory 64kB
External memory Micro SD (4GB supplied)
WiFi connectivity yes
WiFi operating mode Access point, Remote monitoring, Cloud monitoring
MRH master operating mode no
MRH client operating mode no
Standalone yes
Single point monitoring yes
AC measurements yes
DC measurements yes
Solar measurements no
Solar panel and strings test CEI 8225 no
Multilines solar system test CEI 8225 no
Solar realtime measurements no
Solarmeter interface no
Temperatures interface no
Wind speed interface no
General transducers interface no
Harmonics yes
Transients yes
Inrush yes
Wave form yes
Counters yes
Alarms yes
Active, Reactive and Apparent P, E yes
Tariffs yes
EN50160 test yes
NanoStudio Studio software included (free download from Elcontro website)
Indoor wireless point to point distance 140m
Outdoor (Urban range) wireless point to point distance 140m
Working temperature range from -10 to +55 °C
Umidity Max 95%
External power supply Wall-plug switching, input 100-240VAC ±10% 47-63Hz, changeable plug; output 7,5VDC – 12W
Battery 4 x AA MiMh 2100mAh
Autonomy >14h with full power wifi connectivity
Languages English- Spanish – Italian – German – French
3G connectivity yes
Standalone mode yes
Single phase/Double phase networks yes
Three phase 4 wires, balanced networks yes
Three phase 3 wires, balanced networks yes
Three phase 4 wires, unbalanced networks yes
Three phase 3 wires, unbalanced networks yes
Solar measurements no
Power analisys V, I, P, Q, S, F, PF, THD(V)%, THD(I)%, cosj, j, peaks, min, max, mid, max. demand, ecc.
Counters kWh, kVArh, kVAh (used and generated)
Waves shape V e I
Harmonics Values and spectrum up to 50°
Sags Dips, swells and net interruption
Transitory Overcurrent and overtension
Test EN 50160 yes
Starting currents yes
Measurements in DC yes
K factor Up to 25°
Alarms Video
Alarms logs 5 on video
Hourly tarifs up to 4
Consumption costs yes
Measurement campaign Unlimited, up to SD completition
Display data refres 1 sec.
Voltage (TRMS) 4 input channels (3 + common neutral + 1 auxiliary)
Current (TRMS) 5 input channels
Power Active, reactive and apparent. Single phase and total
Energy counters kWh, kvarh, kVAh
Harmonics analisys Up to 50°
EN50160 analisys from 500mS up
EN61724 analisys potentially unlimited
Test CEI 82-25 no
Transitional analisys Overcurrent, overvoltage and starting currents
CE conformity 93/68/CEE (B.T. electrical materials);
89/336/CEE e 2004/108/CE (EMC)
2006/95/CE – 72/23/CEE (LVD – Low voltages);
2002/95/CE (RoHS – Dangerous materials restrictions);
2002/96/CE e 2003/108/CE (WEEE/RAEE – Wasted electrical and electronics materials).
Safety EN 61010-1
EMC EN 61326
EN 61326/A1
EN 61326/A2
EN 61326/A3
Temperature IEC 60068-2-1 (working)
IEC 60068-2-2 (storage)
Vibrations IEC 60068-2-6
Umidity IEC 60068-2-30 (umidity)
Overload IEC 60947-1
4NAN3247C NANOVIP/CUBE 247 WITH CLAMPS 3x5A + 3x200A + 3x1000A
PART Quantity Standard/Option
NanoVIP CUBE WF 1 Standard
Battery pack 1 Standard
Voltage cables 4 Standard
Crocodiles 4 Standard
Magnetic captors 4 Standard
mSD 4Gb 1 Standard
mSD adaptor 1 Standard
External power supply + adapters 1 Standard
Bag 1 Standard
Carton box 1 Standard
Calibration certificate 1 Standard
AC Current probes 3 or more Option – According to package
DC Current clamp 1 or more Option – According to package
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