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Energy Studio Manager - Free


Free monitoring software for Elcontrol Analyzers

Energy Studio Manager

Software di controllo completo, facile da usare ed espandibile.

ENERGY STUDIO MANAGER is the professional solution for management of a network of Elcontrol energy analysers. The Key Word about E.S.M. is flexibility:


  • Monitor, E.S.M.’s runtime-application, allows polling, visualization and saving to database of selectable data from any analyser of a network of up to 247 instruments.  Moreover, at any moment it’s functions can be further expanded by installing additional modules.
  • Analysis, is E.S.M.’s Data Management application, allowing complete post-processing of the data collected by Monitor. Analysis allows graphical and numerical analysis and reporting of all stored energy and power data. Analysis includes an innovative, fully configurable tariff-band/cost management system, providing accurate cost-analysis and reporting of energy consumptions.


  • Alarms&Graphics: adds full alarm-functions on any selected parameter (max/min thresholds with settable hysteresis) and real-time/historical graphics of selected parameters. The Alarm&Graphics module is ideal for real-time management and supervision of your installation.
  • GSM Commander: when the highest degree of control is required, the GSM Commander module adds GSM capability to Energy Studio Manager. Alarms and commands can be completely managed by SMS or E-Mail via a GSM-Modem.


  • user-friendly and intuitive setup-environment for the monitoring network
  • Simply set up one or more communication channels, as for example the serial communication port, and start adding instruments.
  • Each instrument can be assigned to its communication channel and freely named.
  • RS232/RS485 serial communication and Modbus TCP/IP (Ethernet) communication.
  • user can decide which measurement parameters shall be displayed and/or stored to database. Once setup is completed, data acquisition can be started. E.S.M. automatically handles polling and data-synchronization/storage to hard disk.
  • Up to 9 selectable measurements can be displayed as real-time graphs. The measurement/instrument to be displayed can be selected at any moment by the user.
  • Any measure can be associated to an alarm by setting an upper and/or lower threshold and optionally a hysteresis band. Alarms are signalled on Monitor’s screen and handled following ISO rules.
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