Power Factor


PFR 96

Digital Power Factor regulator

The digital controller PFR96 can manage up to 12 independent batteries, a communications port, and two current inputs in size from 96×96 framework. Particularly easy to program thanks to a basic configuration with two parameters and advanced that allows the advanced user the most complete of the power factor correction control.

The onboard logic allows corregegre setup via an erroneous wiring of the picture as to or stage of TA.
10ms sampling of the voltage allows the calculation of the RMS voltage continuously, identifying network holes and temporary interruptions and detach the active steps immediately to the protection of the contactors and benches.

The PFR96 can handle numerous alarms associated to available relays.

The means of intervention in the PFR96 adjustment are all customizable for a better quality of the intervention as well as the use of different banks can be equalized for less wear of the contactors.
Sampling at variable frequency and RS485 communication for remote control (PFR96 Plus) complete a range of services offering maximum control and quality of the measurement

The PFR96 includes in itself all the major features for a complete and efficient controlle power factor correction:

  • Sampling 10ms (8,33ms 60Hz) voltage and definition of the RMS value; vital for the protection of the network from unwanted holes or insertions
  • No need for rewiring with faulty CT connection
  • Multilingual backlit display
  • Programmable alarms and associated with measured quantities
  • Ability to set the maximum level of harmonic distortion of the capacitor current
  • Automatic mode and related section
  • Parametric intervention mode and user-configurable
  • Maintenance Alerts
  • Sampling variable frequency for maximum reliability as far as cosphi
  • Static relay outputs zero-crossing
  • RS485 communication with Modbus RTU protocol (PFR96 Plus)
  • Additional input for the measurement of the current of the power factor correction system
  • Terminal block with safety screws

Fields of use

PFR96 natively includes Elcontrol analyzers power and quality of measurements:

  • Voltages RMS
  • Currents RMS
  • Active power
  • Reactive power
  • Cosphi
  • Harmonic distorsion of voltages (THD)
  • Harmonic distorsion of currents (THD)
  • Capacitor bank working load monitoring

PFR96 can be easily integrated within third party PFC panels either as first installation nor replacement.

Dimensions 96x96x115,4 mm
Protection degree IP40 front, IP20 back
Weight 800 g
Display type Backlight
Languages Inglish – Spanish – Italian – German – Franch
Communication RS485 protocol Modbus TRU (PFR Plus)
Connections Screw terminals 2.5mm2
Working temperature from-10 to +50 °C
Umidity Max 80%
Power supply 215V-250V +-10%, 50/60Hz
380V-440V +-10%, 50/60Hz
Consumption 10VA max
Grid current 0,1-5A from TC, overload max. 6A
PFC panel current 0,1-5A from TC, overload max. 6A
TC range 5/5 – 5000/5
Cosphi range 0,7 inductive- 0,7 capacitive
Consumption max 0,1 A
Capacitor bank connection 5 (mod 6R), 10 (mod 12R)
NO command (set or fan or alarm) 1 (mod 6R), 2 (mod 12R)
Contacts 5A a 250Vac – 2A a 40V
CE conformity CEE 72/23
CEE 89/336
CEE 93/68
Safety EN 61010-1
EMC EN 50081-1 (Emissions)
EN 50082-2 (Immunity)
Modello/Model Codice/item code N. Relè Alim/Supply RS485 zero-crossing
PFR96-6R2 2WE01 6 215V-230V 50/60 Hz NO NO
PFR96PLUS-6R2 2WE02 6 215V-230V 50/60 Hz YES NO
PFR96PLUS-12R2 2WE03 12 215V-230V 50/60 Hz YES NO
PFR96PLUS-6RS2 2WE04 6 215V-230V 50/60 Hz YES YES
PFR96PLUS-12RS2 2WE05 12 215V-230V 50/60 Hz YES YES
PFR96-6R4 2WE06 6 380V-440V 50/60Hz NO NO
PFR96PLUS-6R4 2WE07 6 380V-440V 50/60Hz YES NO
PFR96PLUS-12R4 2WE08 12 380V-440V 50/60Hz YES NO
PFR96PLUS-6RS4 2WE09 6 380V-440V 50/60Hz YES YES
PFR96PLUS-12RS4 2WE0A 12 380V-440V 50/60Hz YES YES
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