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Software di analisi per tutti gli analizzatori della famiglia NanoVIP®: NanoVIP®...

NanoStudio™ Qt 1.00

Power Quality and All Energies analysis software package: powerful, easy and flexible.

NanoStudio Qt is the new software in Windows that allows users to process the data recorded by all the energy analyzers of the NanoVIP® family in standalone mode as well as in the MRH ™ network:

NanoStudio Qt is able to open a campaign recorded by any NanoVIP® family analyzer but also to directly record the campaign by connecting in real time to a NanoVIP® CUBE PLUS™ or NanoVIP® QUADRA ™ master.

NanoStudio Qt includes (enhancing) all the power quality analysis features already present in its predecessor NanoStudio 3.00 but integrating them with many new features related to the world of energies in general, such as, for example, the possibility to include transduction values ​​in the campaign or compare heterogeneous parameters (not exclusively electrical) from different points of the MRH™ measurement network.

Among the main features introduced by NanoStudio Qt:

  • A unique software for all analyzers of the NanoVIP family
  • It does not require installation: it can be loaded on a USB stick and launched directly on any PC
  • Analysis of MRH ™ multipoint networks
  • Possibility to compare up to 8 heterogeneous parameters of different points in the network
  • Realtime connection to NanoVIP® CUBE PLUS ™ and NanoVIP® QUADRA ™ Master analyzers
  • Desktop customization and storage: 3 custom views and one for realtime connection
  • Print a standard campaign report that can be customized by the user

The NanoStudio Qt software is freely downloadable from the download area after registration / login.

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