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NanoStudio 3.00

PC analisys software for NanoVIP® TWO™ and NanoVIP® CUBE™

Can be used for NanoVIP® TWO™ and NanoVIP® CUBE™ measurement campaigns with firmware up to version 3.00; for different models or later firmware, use NanoStudio Qt instead.

NanoStudio is a Windows software used for the processing of data recorded by NanoVIP2 and NanoVIP3 power analysers. NanoStudio can repeat and extend all analyses performed on a system by the abovementioned instruments. It allows users to reconstruct waveforms, power data, events occurring during a Measurement Campaign, etc.

Measurement Campaigns are saved by NanoVIP on a microSD memory card. The data stored on it can later be transferred to a PC for analysis, creating and printing reports, filing and other important operations.
The program can only operate in offline mode, i.e. it does not interact by communicating with the instrument. To transfer a Measurement Campaign, the memory card must first be removed from NanoVIP (make sure a campaign is not being performed, otherwise all data will be lost).

With an external SD or uSD memory card reader, data can be copied onto the hard disk using the Copy & Paste function of Windows Explorer. Files can also be opened directly from the memory card. The settings and types of Measurement Campaigns will be described in detail below.

Two or more campaigns can be analysed at the same time. The only limitation is the PC’s processing capacity, available memory and free disk space.
The default language can be selected in real time by changing the international settings for numbers, currency, date and time, etc. Upon first run, the program will be configured automatically with local/international settings.