Elcontrol Energy Net products renewal

Due to Elcontrol Energy product line renewal, following products have been discontinued and will not be supported anymore due to obsolescence of components. Please, take note of discontinued products and replacing ones (if any); in some cases a final production stock is still availble for sales.

Final stock devices can be also bought at promotional online price at our online shop: www.powerqualityshop.com

  • Jupiter¹, Jupiter Plus¹ (all models)
  • Energy Explorer¹ (all models)
  • NanoVIP Plus¹: replaced by NanoVIP® TWO™
  • NanoVIP Plus Mem¹: replaced by  NanoVIP® TWO™
  • VIP System3: replaced by NanoVIP® CUBE™
  • MICROVIP 3 Plus: final stock available (without printer), replaced by NanoVIP® CUBE™
  • VIP96: replaced by Polar Energy
  • VIP396: replaced by Polar Energy
  • STAR3: final stock available, it will be replaced before end of 2017
  • VIP Energy: replaced by VIP Energy 2K8
  • Energy Studio Manager: available now for free download, replaced and enhanced by Energy Studio Cloud
  • StarLight: discontinued, no more supported
  • PQ Studio: discontinued, no more supported
  • PE Studio: discontinued, no more supported
  • VIP Utilities and Harmonic Utilities: discontinued, no more supported
  • MicroWin: discontinued, no more supported
  • NanoWIN: discontinued, no more supported

(¹):  due to obsolescence of some PCB component of these products, it is not possible to guarantee repair service for failing devices. Backup devices stock has been kept to support warranty period of devices sold before June 2017. For running users of these devices (if still working), Elcontrol is proposing a substitution offer of old devices with a new Elcontrol Product. Ask detail to sales@elcontrol-energy.net.

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