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NanoVIP®QUADRA™ is an AE2A (Any Energy Efficiency Analyzer) system that extends the successful NanoVIP® analyzers family thanks to the NanoVIP® MRHTM technology.
NanoVIP® QUADRA™ extends NanoVIP® TWO™ and NanoVIP® CUBE™ measuring range, breaking into the whole energy field, thanks to its extreme flexibility and wireless capabilities.
It works as a powerfull standalone Electrical Power Quality analyzer as it includes all the measuring features of its related NanoVIP® CUBE™, but it can also measure parameters and efficiencies of energy systems like Solar sets, UPS, Generators, Storages, Chillers, Heating systems etc.
NanoVIP® QUADRA™ is powered by NanoVIP® MRH™ technology that, thanks to specific hardware and firmware solutions, is capable to offer to electrical field professionals the possibility to perform:

  • Multipoint
  • Heterogeneous
  • Realtime

measurement campaigns on complex and spread energy handling systems.

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